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Beavers Environmental and Community Involvement

Tuesday, March 3, 2020 – it was a gorgeous radiantly sunny day, but underfoot, the ground was very soggy with recent rainfall.   That evening, 7th Crawley Beavers, as part of their continued environmental and community involvement, teamed up with the Tilgate Forum Group, to plant British Wildflower seeds in the green of Durham Close in Tilgate, a challenge given to the Beavers in 2019, by the RHS, Britain in Bloom.     

As the Beavers and adults arrived about 5.45 pm, the natural light began to fade. Could it be the radiance of Beavers’ out-shuns the natural light?  It is likely Mr Sun was tired and wanted an early night, or even testing the courage of the young Beavers – the evening air felt cold and chilled on the skin, the ground still water logged.  Therefore, it was not appropriate to plant the wildflowers seeds. Working as a group, there is always a contingency plan in place.  Don, a member of the Tilgate Forum, produced a bagful of sprouting sweet chestnuts seeds. 

The Colony of excited Beavers, appropriately dressed, like eager young eco-warriors headed down to Tilgate Park.  There is no limit to a Beaver Scout’s eagerness to learn and be intuitive, improvised gardening tools with what could be had to aid digging a hole in the ground.   The sweet chestnut seeds lovingly placed in its new home by little caring fingers – the hope of potentially, 50 new sweet chestnuts trees, which will replace those trees, which the recent weather bashed about, uprooted and damage.

The Beavers and a few of the leaders then had a game of “Stuck in the Mud”, (almost literally) with the aid of streetlights, in safe area in car park.  What fun!!! 

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