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We are looking for a volunteer team leader to lead our District Explorer Scout Young Leader Unit. Explorer Scout Young Leaders are Explorers who volunteer alongside adult leaders in a Beaver Colony, Cub Pack or Scout Troop. They’re a valuable asset to any leadership team and play an active role in the section, bringing a range of fresh ideas to the table and acting as positive role models for the young people they work alongside. All Young Leaders in the Beaver, Cub and Scout section who are between the ages of 14 and 18 must be members of a Young Leaders Unit.

In this role, you will be responsible for developing and ensuring quality training and supervision of Young Leaders within the District. This includes ensuring that this provision is open to all Explorer Scouts in the District.

In this role you will need to:

  • Deliver the young leader training modules as per the attached guide.
  • Maintain OSM records for all young leaders in the district including their agreed placement, training modules and missions.
  • Liase with the adult training manager on them turning 18 to help cross transfer training records
  • Receive initial YL enquiries, schedule onto Module A, identify suitable placements in groups and formally agree these. Communicate and agree placement start dates with young leaders and parents
  • Share OSM records with YL placement sections
  • Review YL section placements annually and validate these are still correct
  • Maintain badge stock, YL buckles and certificates
  • Maintain all systems / procedures for the above tasks
  • Write up training programme and schedule events on OSM monthly managing all invites and attendance.
  • Liase with local training manager about Module K – First Aid training provision regularly
  • Act as a support point for young leader queries around placements, support requirements or leadership questions about how to utilise young leader

Applications from teams welcome to job share the tasks listed above. Do get in touch today to discuss how you be able to assist!

To enquire about the role please visit

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