Structure of our volunteer teams

Our programme is at the core of what we do 

Our programme (what our Scouts do each week) is mostly designed and run by Section Teams, and shaped by young people. Every volunteer either plans and runs the programme, or supports the volunteers who do.

Every volunteer plays a part in creating a brilliant programme for young people. 

Pyramid diagram showing how our programme is run

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How we work together

Each part of Scouts helps young people enjoy fun, high-quality, and safe programmes. We do this by working together to deliver a great programme for young people, while looking after our volunteers.  

How we organise Sections and Groups

Sections run the programme. They’re at the heart of Scouts’ work with young people. 

Scout Groups help volunteers work well together and keep them feeling motivated across Squirrel, Beaver, Cub, and Scout Sections. They make sure the Group is respected and supported in their local community. 

The structure of a Section Team, which includes Team Leader(s), Team Members and Young Leaders. Also shows the structure of a Group, which includes Sections, Group Leadership Team, and Trustee Board.

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In each Scout Group, there are three types of teams: 

  • The Section Teams run high-quality programmes safely.  
  • The Group Leadership Team helps all volunteers in the Group (including Young Leaders) work together to plan and run high-quality programmes.  
  • The Group Trustee Board provides charity governance for the Group. 

Some Groups might find it helpful to use sub-teams, such as a maintenance or fundraising sub-team of the Leadership Team. 

The Section Team is supported by people outside of Scouts, who informally help run part of the programme.

How we organise Districts

Scout Districts help volunteers develop, improve Section programmes, and support Scouts to run in the best way possible.  

They keep volunteers working well together and feeling motivated. They also make sure the 14-24 Sections are working well and are well regarded in their local community.

Structure of District, including Groups, 14-24 Team, Leadership Team, Volunteering Development Team, Support Team, Programme Team, Trustee Board

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The District Leadership Team is made up of:  

Each District has a: 

  • Leadership Team 
  • 14–24 Team 
  • Programme Team 
  • Volunteering Development Team 
  • Support Team  
  • Trustee Board 

Some Districts might find it helpful to have sub-teams, such as a climbing sub-team of the Programme Team, or a campsite service sub-team of the Support Team.  

Multiple Districts can share some functions or teams. In this case, the District Leadership Teams make sure the teams are meeting their own District’s needs.

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