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The District Leadership Team leads and inspires volunteers to give young people great experiences and skills for life. They make sure the teams in their District are organised, have enough volunteers, and can deliver a great programme. 

Who’s in the team

  • District Lead Volunteers
  • District Youth Leads
  • Programme Team Leaders 
  • Volunteering Development Team Leaders
  • Support Team Leaders
  • Other volunteers in the team are called Leadership Team Members.

There are also additional volunteers who are also members of the District Leadership Team. They will have different permissions on the membership system.

  • Lead Volunteers of each Scout Group 
  • 14–24 Team Leaders

Tasks for the whole team

Make sure teams across the District:

  • Work well on their own (and together). 
  • Are inclusive and reflect the demographics of their local area. 
  • Have the resources, skills and enthusiasm to deliver the Scouts strategy.

Make sure:

  • Volunteers in the District’s teams fulfil their safety and safeguarding responsibilities, including keeping up to date with changes, and being aware of safeguarding concerns in the District.
  • Volunteers are aware of Our Volunteering Culture, reflect on it, commit to it, and apply it in their teams.   

Allocated tasks

  • Help with recruitment to make sure there are always Trustee Chairs, Team Leaders and Group Lead Volunteers in the District. 
  • Support the District Youth Lead to work with teams across the District and its Groups so they can be shaped by young people. 

Other responsibilities

Make sure safeguardingsafety and data incidents and complaints are managed well. The Lead Volunteer will be responsible for responding to these, or for appointing someone else in the District to do this. There are a number of accreditations which can be given to share specific responsibilities.

To enquire about this role, please visit crawleydistrictscouts.co.uk.

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