District Reports – AGM

The 2024 Annual General Meeting will be held on Tuesday 23 April at Tilgate Golf Club Crawley starting at 7pm. This is our opportunity each year to review and celebrate the previous Scouting year (2023) and all that we achieved both as a District and for and on behalf of the young people who make our Scouting community in Crawley. We hope we will see as may of you as possible, understanding of course that some will be carrying on what we do for “two hours a week” with in your groups. We particularly welcome those of you who are more recent volunteers; this is a great opportunity to see and understand how the District works, how your Group fits into Scouting nationally, to meet people from other Groups and to have a voice on shaping Scouting in the District. After all, YOU are our future!

The papers for the AGM can be found here and are made up of the Annual Report, the accounts and the Statement from the Independent Examiner. Please download these to your tablet or other device if you’re able (or print them off – no paper copies will be provided) and familiarise yourself with the report and accounts. There will be an opportunity to ask questions or seek clarification on these during the meeting. If you’d rather not do this in front of an audience, feel free to write your question down and hand it to someone at the top table before the meeting starts so it can be read on your behalf.

The Postcode for Tilgate Golf Centre is RH10 5EU.

Please attend in uniform if possible.

Thank you for all you do in Scouting and for making 2023 such a success.

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