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Scouts & Explorer Scouts are recognised for their achievements

At the county awards ceremony Scouts and Explorer Scouts from Crawley District were presented with their certificates by the UK Deputy Youth Commissioner, Jagz Bharth.

a2015-11-22 15.16.17Hanna Allessendro-Pearse was presented with her Duke of Edinburgh’s Silver Award having completed 6 months at Cub Scouts (volunteering), 3 months developing her kayaking (physical), 6 months at the Capitol Youth Theatre (skill) and a 3 day hike across the New Forest where she also studied the impact of tourism in the area.

a2015-11-22 15.12.24Katie Sexton was presented with her Duke of Edinburgh’s Bronze Award having completed 3 months at Beaver Scouts (volunteering), 3 months developing her pole vaulting skills (physical), 3 months improving her clarinet playing (skill) and a 2 day hike across the High Weald area of Sussex where she also studied and photographed as many different birds as she could find.

In addition 13 Scouts were presented with their Chief Scout Gold Award certificates; this is the highest award a scout can earn during their time with the troop.

To earn the award they had to complete the challenge awards which include: Promise, Community, Fitness, Creative, Global, Outdoor, Adventure and Expedition Challenges. Although some of this is covered within the regular meetings that the scouts attended there was also work required outside of the meetings to complete these and gain the highest award available to them as Scouts (10½ – 14 year olds).

All these awards did not come without the hard work of the voluntary leaders that supported them along their way and the support of their parents.

Jagz Bharth spoke about the achievements the young people have gained, and said these are not a full stop, final part of the journey but just a common in the progress of the members as they move forward to further and greater adventures as they grow in their scouting life.

Congratulations to all those who gained their awards and to their leaders who supported them along their way.

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