5th Crawley Scouts – International Evening

Last Thursday night (12th of May) 5th Crawley Scouts, welcomed members of the West Sussex Jamboree contingent to the meeting where they discussed the application and selection process for becoming a member of the contingent heading to South Korea for the 25th World Scout Jamboree.

After sharing their aspirations and their experiences in their Jamboree journey our guests stayed the remainder of the night, where Sian taught the Troop some helpful phrases in Korean. 

  • Hello –  안녕하세요 – annyeonghaseyo
  • How are you – 어떻게 지내세요 – eotteohge jinaeseyo
  • Thank you – 감사합니다 – gamsahabnida

We even taught members of the contingent some phrases they hadn’t picked up yet!

The troop rounded off the night playing a traditional Korean board game where teams took it in turns to throw 4 stick dice to determine how many moves they could take.

Dice marked with an X and blank

blank = 1 move, 2 blanks = 2, 3 blanks = 3, 4 blanks = 4 moves and throw again and 4 Xs = 5 moves and throw again.

The troop thoroughly enjoyed this dip into Korean culture and wished our guests good luck with the remaining fundraising they need. The scouts are drawing up letters to send out to scouts around the world as part of their international activity badge. Some letters may even make it to Korea.

Alex 5th Crawley Scouts

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