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1st Crawley Celebrate a Milestone Hike

Since re-opening in 2011, 1st Crawley Scout Group has undertaken a regular series of hikes, and on Saturday 30th April we undertook our 50th hike.

There were six Scouts, four Cub Scouts and four Explorer Scouts along with four leaders.

The weather was warm and sunny, and we took the train down to Bosham for a nine-mile hike around the harbour and the village. We took in some great views, explored the shoreline and examined the many crab carapaces that were found – going the tide was high and so there were a few wet boots, but coming back the tide had gone down just enough for us to take a cheeky little shortcut across the causeway.

There was also a trip on the “Itchy Bosom” ferry from Bosham to Itchnor and back.

At the end there were a few sore feet, and tired bodies, but plenty of fun (and ice cream!) was had by all.

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