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Express yourself – Children’s Mental Health Week 2021

It’s Children’s Mental Health Week and this year, the theme is ‘express yourself’. We’ve gathered some of our favourite ideas to help young people explore and release their creativity in the ways that suit them best.

Keep a gratitude diary

Keeping a gratitude diary and spending some time to think about what we appreciate day to day can be a helpful tool to have in our arsenal, especially on days when we’re feeling stressed or a bit low.

Find out more about the benefits of looking on the bright side and start your own gratitude diaries.

A moment of calm

The ancient art of origami encourages a sense of calm and concentration (yes, really). Why not have a go at folding your own, with this special design inspired by a butterfly?

Why play’s good for grown ups

It may be Children’s Mental Health Week but play is good for grown ups, too! When we’re children, we all naturally know how to play but as adults, we forget. Rediscover how to play and learn about all of its benefits.

Release your creativity

As a society, we’re slowly learning to let go of our perfectionism – as proven by lopsided lockdown loaves and collapsing crafts. Drawing, however, is often seen as something reserved for artists.

Find out more about the importance of art in reconnecting with ourselves, and give some of these quick prompts a go.

How to make a zine

Zines are short booklets that are self-published or produced by a small, independent publisher. They’re creative and empowering to put together, and can give young (and older) people a fantastic way to express their ideas and emotions in an informal way. Why not create one of your own?

Reconnecting with nature

Young naturalist, activist and author, Dara McAnulty, has found inspiration in the natural world, especially as a young person with autism. We know lots of our young people find the same comfort in being outdoors.

Here, the former Scout talks about the central role nature plays in life – a great read if you’re planning to do some outdoor exploring with your little ones at the weekend.

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