Crawley District Scouts AGM

will be held at 7.30pm on 22nd September on:
Online – Zoom (Details TBC)
Section Leaders, Assistant Leaders and Section Assistants are invited to join and find out what Crawley Scouts have been doing last year and plan to do this year. The formal part of the meeting will be as short as possible
Nominations are invited for Members of the District Executive (Please hand them to your Group Scout Leader by 11th September and they must be signed by the proposer, seconder, and the nominee)

Our annual report and district accounts can be accessed here.

Scout Council Members
Dr B M Jones, Chairperson; Mr I Pearse, Treasurer
 Mrs C Hobbs;  Mrs B Hills; Mr G Dyson; Mrs W Keeley;  Mr P. Masters; Mrs Y Seetayah; Mrs T Ayres; Mr A Jasko Mr K Ives; Mr A  Heath;  Mr S Edwards; Miss C Palmer Jones; Miss P Woolard; Mr J Sharp; Mr M Hill

Young people first: Safeguarding and Safety in Scouting

Wherever we go and whatever we do, we put young people’s safety and wellbeing first. Here's how.