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Youth Shaped Scouting

Get involved in #YouShape

Young people working in partnership with adults in Scouting, has always been something we have been proud of. Youth Shaped Scouting not only improves the way we Scout, but also the young people involved. Learning to speak up, be heard and work towards improving something you are passionate about is an incredible learning experience for the youngest Beaver right the way through to our eldest Network member.

Youth Shaped Scouting and empowerment is not something that can be achieved overnight, and the method of achieving the Vision will have to reflect the age, maturity and ability of the young people concerned.

As part of Vision2018 we want every young person to have the opportunity to shape their experience. Youth Shaped Scouting is about young people shaping their own adventure, taking on responsibility, developing skills, making decisions and influencing their own Scout Programme.  There are lots of things that you can do to help this happen; from introducing section youth forums to encouraging young people to record video vlogs to share and reflect on past activities and decisions made in the section.

Before you can improve how Youth Shaped you are in your group, it is important to identify what you are already doing. This can be done using the Climbing Wall of Youth Involvement, and remember that your unit may be working at a number of different levels for different activities.

Activity Inspiration Pack

In the Activity Inspiration resources you will find 31 pages jam packed full of inspirations to help you plan your own #YouShape activities, whether that be a District Camp or running a #YouShape night. Remember, #YouShape is more than just a month, and these resources can be used at any point in the year.

This year, we’ve put how each activity links to badges from the section, making it even easier to link in to the programme. We’ve also included an evening planner for each section, so you can run your own #YouShape evening easier.

View all of the activities in our interactive online catalogue. 

Wear their Necker project

To encourage Young People to take up adult volunteer positions in the future, we have launched the Wear their Necker project. This is all about getting Young People to shadow Leaders to see what the role involves and understand how they could do the role. This could be as simple as a Scout running the Evening for the night, to an Explorer shadowing a County Commissioner. Why not give a Young Person the challenge of being your County Commissioner for the day?


This year, we’re asking each Group and Section to pledge to take part in #YouShape and make sure their Young People are listened to. We have set up three levels of #YouShape involvement, starting at Bronze (for printing off the Pledge and displaying it in your group), all the way up to Gold (which means your group is working in partnership with Young People to make decisions). We have produced a factsheet to tell you more details about what the pledges involve.

Resources for Youth Commissioners and Managers

This year we’ve put together a Youth Commissioner’s guide to #YouShape which provides guidance on how you can take part in #YouShape. There are also suggestions on continuing to promote Youth Shaped Scouting beyond #YouShape month.

View the Youth Commissioner Guide to #YouShape

We’ve also compiled a guide for Managers. This has practical advice on how to support Youth Commissioners during #YouShape month, including how to recruit and appoint one if you don’t have one already.

View the Managers Guide to #YouShape

In addition, here’s what you can expect from the team in the coming months:


#YouShape Videos

The National Team will be posting videos in the run up to #YouShape, as well as throughout the month. Make sure you take lots of videos, and photos of everything Youth Shaped, and post it on Social Media. Make sure to use #YouShape, so they can find you! The YouShape 2017 team will also be available via social media throughout the month to answer any questions and give advice — but don’t forget that networking with other local Youth Commissioners is also a great way of gaining knowledge and demonstrating best practice. Make sure you’re on the Youth Shaped Scouting Discussion group on Facebook to share ideas, and get advice. If you have any questions, please contact the team via the Facebook Group, or email them on [email protected]

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