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Downsman Hike 2016

Date(s) - 01/10/2016 - 02/10/2016
All Day

South Downs

Event Contact
Eddy Hills


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The Sussex Downsman Hike is an event held annually on the first Saturday in October on the South Downs. The 2015 event will therefore be held on 3rd October.

Please note that as this event takes place on land entirely classified as Terrain Zero, a hill walking permit is not required for this hike.

The Hike is organised principally for the Scout and Guide Associations of East and West Sussex, with an open invitation to Scout and Guide Groups throughout Great Britain.

Each team must comply fully with all the rules at all times during the event.


There are several different Classes of entry walking different distances depending on the age and ability of the competitors. There are sections tailored for Scouts, Explorer Scouts, Scout Network and Leaders, and also a non-competitive class which is open to all. It should be noted that there are no minimum age limits on any class (just a minimum combined age for the team).

Three Classes have 4 team members. Two Classes have 3 team members. The Open Class can vary in team size from three to six. See the specific pages for entry details for each class via the “Classes” page.


A list of essential clothing and equipment will be in the Handbook which is issued to each team on receipt of their entry. The Handbook can also be downloaded before the event via this website. A provisional list is on this website but the difinitive list will be the one in the Handbook.


Each team must have a support vehicle with Service Crew, whose task it is to transport their team to and from the event and provide their team with necessary food, drink and resting arrangements. They will also transport the non-walking team member to the next Service Area. In addition, Service Crews should carry a comprehensive first aid kit. Service Crews cannot service more than one team.

Service Crews and teams must only communicate with each other at Service Areas. Communication by any means between teams and Service Crews en-route or at Checkpoints will incur a penalty and possible disqualification. Service Crews must not visit Checkpoints under any circumstances.

Only one service vehicle should support each team. This is for safety reasons as minor accidents have already occurred due to over-crowding.

Each team will be responsible for ensuring that their Service Crew has completed a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check prior to the hike.


This year’s entry fee is £6 per team member, and will include a medal for each team member of each team that completes the hike. Once an entry is received, the entry fee is non-refundable except in what the organisers consider to be exceptional circumstances. Conversely, no start time will be confirmed until the entry fee has been paid in full.


If you are unable to raise a complete team, but are keen to enter, please let us know and we will endeavour to put you in touch with others in the same situation. Alternatively, please use your own links to create combined teams with other groups.

Combined teams do not have to be from the same group / district / county.


The event is based at the 1st Burgess Hill Scout Headquarters, Station Road, Burgess Hill. Overnight accommodation is available here on Friday and Saturday nights at no additional cost but must be pre-booked. Anyone making use of this accommodation will be responsible for their own catering arrangements.


The presentation of trophies and medals will take place on Sunday at 11.00 hours at 1st Burgess Hill Scout Headquarters. If you are unable to be there, you will need to make arrangements to collect from the Organiser at a later date.


Results will be published on this web site and emailed to the named contact for each team / group.

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