Appeal - Let There Be Light Again - Please Help

The young people of Crawley have lost the use of a magical outdoor place after the theft of the main electrical cable in to the local Scout campsite in recent weeks. At some point during the last week of September metal thieves disconnected and stole 150m of high voltage copper cable from the Pease Pottage location, disabling the security measures that were in place. Please click here for more information and donate to help us get this amazing facility back into operation as quickly as possible. 

District Team

The District Team and Executive are listed below. They play a vital role in the running of a Scout District.

District Commissioner
Wendy KeeleySend A Message
Deputy District Commissioner
Kevin IvesSend A Message
District Youth Commissioner
Adam JaskoSend A Message
Jack SharpSend A Message
Phoebe WoolardSend A Message
Asst District Commissioner (Beaver Scouts)
Louise BakerSend A Message
Asst District Commissioner (Cub Scouts)
William AshenhurstSend A Message
Assistant District Commissioner (Scouts)
Alan Spackman (Acting)Send A Message
District Explorer Scout Commissioner
Allen HeathSend A Message
District Network Scout Commissioner
Mark EastmanSend A Message
Young Leader Training
Denise KilpatrickSend A Message
Stanford Campsite Manager
Mick HillSend A Message
Kevin IvesSend A Message
Stanford Bookings Manager
Sheila JonesSend A Message
Stanford Scout Active Support
Mick HillSend A Message
Asst. District Commissioner (Nights Away)
VACANTSend A Message
Assistant District Commissioner (Activities)
Ken BerreenSend A Message
District PresidentVACANT
District Chair
Barry JonesSend A Message
District Secretary
Julia FoxcroftSend A Message
District Treasurer
Michael WaudbySend A Message
Local Training Manager
Christine HobbsSend A Message
Secretary Appointments Advisory Committee
Maureen DeanSend A Message
District D of E Advisor
Keith PriorSend A Message
District Development AdvisorVACANT
Bookings Manager (Oak Road / Lark Rise)
Booking SecretarySend A Message
Badge Secretary
Sheila JonesSend A Message
Webmaster / Online Systems Manager
Sean EdwardsSend A Message

Young people first: Safeguarding and Safety in Scouting

Our commitment to the safety of all our members