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District Team

The District Team and Executive are listed below. They play a vital role in the running of a Scout District.

District Commissioner
Wendy KeeleySend A Message
Deputy District Commissioner
Kevin IvesSend A Message
District Youth Commissioner
Adam JaskoSend A Message
Jack SharpSend A Message
Phoebe WoolardSend A Message
Asst District Commissioner (Beaver Scouts)
Yvonne SeetayahSend A Message
Asst District Commissioner (Cub Scouts)
VACANTSend A Message
Assistant District Commissioner (Scouts)
George DysonSend A Message
District Explorer Scout Commissioner
Sean EdwardsSend A Message
District Network Scout Commissioner
VACANTSend A Message
Young Leader Training
Sean EdwardsSend A Message
Stanford Campsite Manager
Mick HillSend A Message
Kevin IvesSend A Message
Stanford Bookings Manager
Sheila JonesSend A Message
Stanford Scout Active Support
Mick HillSend A Message
Asst. District Commissioner (Nights Away)
Keith PriorSend A Message
Assistant District Commissioner (Activities)
Ken BerreenSend A Message
District PresidentVACANT
District Chair
Barry JonesSend A Message
District Secretary
VACANTSend A Message
District Treasurer
Ian PearseSend A Message
Local Training Manager
Christine HobbsSend A Message
Secretary Appointments Advisory Committee
Theresa AyresSend A Message
District D of E Advisor
Keith PriorSend A Message
District Development AdvisorVACANT
Bookings Manager (Oak Road / Lark Rise)
Booking SecretarySend A Message
Badge Secretary
Sheila JonesSend A Message
Webmaster / Online Systems Manager
Sean EdwardsSend A Message

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