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4th Worth Shooting Successes

As 2018 comes to an end, I’ve looked back on the successes of our shooting teams. The first 6 months of the year we were focused on the National Camelot Shooting Competition.

We gained 16 gold, 14 silver and 12 bronze medals, and again securing not just the top spot, but this year the top three positions, in three-position Shooting:

  • Courtney Palmer-Jones – Gold,
  • Eve Roberts – Silver
  • Mathew George – Bronze.

While Frankie George took the 3 Gold medals at 10 metres for 3p Shooting with a springer.

On the strength of her success Courtney was ask to represent the Scout Association at the Junior Internationals this August Joining Eve Roberts (the youngest competitor) and Harley Raine a precision air rifle shooter.

Our Gold Medal winners included:

  • Courtney Palmer-Jones – X4 Gold
  • Eve Roberts – X2 Gold
  • Chris Hozaifeh – Gold
  • Emily Russell – Gold
  • Katie Scholar – Gold
  • Mark Dean – Gold
  • Abigail Cole – Gold
  • Mathew George – Gold
  • Frankie George – X4 Gold

The Junior Internationals

Teams came from all over the world and Harley Raine went on to collect 2 gold, 1 silver and a bronze award in some very exciting Olympic style finals.

Her endeavours have brought interest from the GB talent squad who have now invited her to join this elite squad. Additionally, Sussex County Smallbore RA asked if Harley, Zac and Max if they would represent then in the national junior leagues this winter.

The Scout Championships Results

We also attended Bisley this year and picked up the following awards:

  • Jack Hobbs – 3rd field firing
  • Pete. Raine – 1st full bore Rifle
  • Max Moore – 2nd Smallbore rifle
  • Harley Raine – most improved Shooter “own Rifle”
  • Harley Raine – 3rd precision air Rifle
  • Harley Raine -1st 3P Air Rifle
  • Haydn Bennett – 1st Sporter Air Rifle
  • Courtney Palmer-Jones – 3rd Sporter Air rifle
  • Courtney Palmer-Jones – 2nd 3P Sporter Air Rifle
  • 1st – 3P Team 4th Worth (Harley Raine, Eve Roberts, Courtney Palmer-Jones)
  • Paul Carruthers – 4th own Pistol
  • Haydn Bennett – 5th own Pistol

What a wonderful team success, “well done to you all”.

Sussex County Small Bore Air Rifle & Pistol Championships

Winner of the air rifle county championships:

  • 1st Harley Raine
  • 1st Junior. Harley Raine
  • 1st Lady Harley Raine
  • 2nd Max Moore

Sussex Sporter Air Rifle Champion:

  • 1st Courtney Palmer-Jones
  • 2nd Eve Roberts

To Finish the year:

Harley Raine – Traveled to Wales and brought back to 4th Worth the Welsh Open, Air Rifle Championships Trophy

What a wonderfully successful 2018 – Bring on 2019.

Paul Raine

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