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Wappenshaw 2018

On Saturday 6th January, 4th Worth hosted the annual Crawley District Wappenshaw Competition where local shooters took part in 6 yrd pistol, rifle, prone rifle, biathlon, field target, and archery. It was a well fought competition with the attached photos showing the overall team and individual winner. Over 15 adults/leaders turned up to help. The full scores for each individual and group can be viewed below If you are interested in getting involved with Rifle Shooting throughout 2018, please visit our Rifle Shooting Page for more information and contact details.

Congratulations to the winners:

  • Ben P for achieving the highest individual score
  • Zac L, Eve R, Abby C and Carra D for the highest group score

Individual Scores

  Archery6yrd RifleSprint and ShootField Target6yrd Pistol6yrd Prone Rifle 
NameTeamEvent 1Event 2Event 3Event 4Event 5Event 6Total
Ben PTeam 5257867.9265981336.9
Amber BTeam 5258662.954890316.9
Courtney PJTeam 1278069.4222982309.4
Zac LTeam 3256374.1144680302.1
Eve RTeam 3266778.584069288.5
Chloe HTeam 4228567.2213646277.2
Frankie GTeam 1276872.1132765272.1
Abby CTeam 3237563.213176269.2
Matthew GTeam 1296772.79779263.7
Deiniol LTeam 2266263.325452259.3
Jasmie LTeam 2238159.4113645255.4
Carra DTeam 3243759.9105667253.9
Katie PTeam 2256474.301556234.3
Emily RTeam 4216459.721752215.7
Millie CTeam 4196458.592144215.5
Kerry GTeam 5246027.6131665205.6
Jack HBTeam 1272354.743062200.7
Stevie DTeam 2212849.2211655190.2
Faith CTeam 623583982122171
Faith C2Team 623573982122170
Oskar BTeam 5212457.352333163.3
Carly TTeam 69571013040147
Carly T2Team 69571013040147
Abigail STeam 4144743.2010105.2

Team Scores

TeamEvent 1Event 2Event 3Event 4Event 5Event 6
Team 398242275.733173292
Team 1110238268.94893288
Team 595248215.749146269
Team 295235246.234121208
Team 476260228.63275142
Team 6642299818102124



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