Stick to your New Year’s Resolutions with the Scouts

As the clock strikes midnight hundreds of thousands of people up and down the country will have made a New Year’s Resolution.  From keeping fit, to giving something back to the community, to spending more time with their family, but how many people will have broken their pledge by 7th January?

Why not become a volunteer with The Scouts, where you can meet and keep these goals?

Crawley Scouts are looking for new inspirational volunteers to help build back and empower the COVID generation when they need it most. Across Crawley young people between the ages of 4 and 18, boys and girls, are on waiting lists and cannot join because of the lack of volunteers. 

Volunteers can give as much or as little of their time as possible and The Scouts have a flexible programme which enables volunteers to fit their involvement in with their lives.

Volunteering is also good for you in a number of different ways and becoming a volunteer for The Scouts has a number of benefits:

  • Lead an active lifestyle – lose weight, get fit
  • Meet new people of all ages
  • Help young people to achieve something new
  • Try out new activities
  • Give something back to the community

The most rewarding aspect of volunteering is seeing young people achieve something they’d never thought they could do, like rock climbing or spending their first night camping away from home. 

We would urge anyone who is thinking about changing their lives for the better in 2022 to consider joining The Scouts. Our volunteers who joined us in January 2021 have definitely seen the benefits giving something back to the community and most importantly, were able to keep their resolutions past the second week of January!

The Scouts are always seeking adults to lead, support and provide valuable skills for life to young people. For more information about volunteering with Scouts across Crawley, please do get in touch.

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