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VE Day – 75th Anniversary

75 years ago, on the 8th of May, during WWII we had something to celebrate: Victory in Europe (VE Day). Although in the current situation we cannot proceed with the national events as planned, we can still mark this important day in our own ways at home.

  • Bake a cake ( a Victoria Sponge would be perfect)
  • Hold an indoor picnic/tea party
  • Learn about the history of VE Day
  • Make home-made bunting
  • Donate/Support a veterans’ charity

Walk in their shoes:

  • taste 1940s rationing style food
  • play some traditional games like tin can alley or marbles
  • play 1940s and wartime compilation playlists (you can find them on

Try these two activities at your next online meeting!

  • Guess the Badge –
  • VE Prepared –

Full details available below:

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