Scout Mate Badge

The Scout-mate badge is awarded to an existing youth member who successfully introduces a new youth member or adult volunteer.

Badge requirements

scout-mate_badge_final_150x150Complete the following if introducing a new youth member:

  1. Bring a new friend to your group
  2. Together, chat to the leaders and meet the other scouts in the section
  3. Show them around the place you meet
  4. Help them learn about the Scouting family and the promise they will make
  5. Be part of their investiture and receive your ‘Scout-mate’ badge

Complete the following if introducing a new adult volunteer:

  1. Introduce the adult to your leader or commissioner, so they can arrange to have a chat about volunteering in Scouting
  2. Help them learn about the Scouting family. If they are helping in your section, show them around the place you meet and introduce them to others
  3. Encourage them to fill out an AA form or OH form so you can receive your ‘Scout-mate’ badge To qualify for the badge, the new adult volunteer may take on a variety of roles which includes: Occasional Helper, Section Assistant, Leader, Executive Committee Member, Administrator, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the badge be awarded to anyone that recruits a new youth member or adult volunteer?
The badge can be awarded to any existing youth member (Beaver, Cub, Scout, Explorer or Network member) in West Sussex only.

If an individual recruits’ more than one person on separate occasions or at the same time, can more than one badge be awarded?
Yes – existing youth members can earn up to 3 badges for introducing new people into Scouting, however only one badge can be worn on the uniform.

Can the badge be moved on to the new uniform when going up to the next section?
No – however the young person can earn the badge again in their new section.

Can the badge be awarded for reintroducing a person into Scouting?
Yes – providing the person has been out of scouting for six months or more.

Where should the ‘Scout-mate’ badge be worn?
On the left arm with other Activity badges

Is the badge the same for all sections?
Yes – Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Explorers and Scout Network members are all awarded a badge of the same design for introducing a new young person or adult volunteer to Scouting.

How do I order a ‘Scout-mate’ badge?
Badges can be obtained from your District Badge Secretary at no cost. District Badge Secretaries can request additional stock from the County Office.

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